Printable poster: women scientists


Teachers and parents: you have my authorisation to print this image (in full-color or black-and-white) as a poster for your classroom, your kid's bedroom, your office, your t-shirt or wherever you want, for free. Please don't sell it or use it on products intended for sale. The high-res image is available here.

I am aware that many important scientists are missing from this illustration. The selection process was hard! Please feel free to suggest your favorite famous scientists in the comments below. You can even create your own poster. This one is far from complete; just my little personal attempt at inspiring young girls to study science.

The cranky ballerina


Here's my latest book!  Ada hates everything about ballet class, yet she still has to go! Arabesques? Grotesque! And then one Saturday, Ada pliés right out the door and into the hallway, smacking into someone who thinks her ungraceful moves are great

Based on a true story (OK, MINE), Ada will demonstrate that being angry is OK, that being bad at something doesn't mean you're bad at everything, and that you have to experiment to find your way. Hope you'll like it!

The toad is in stores now!

The Toad, latest addition to my Disgusting Critters series, is in stores now! Long live The Toad. You can buy it here or at your favorite local bookstore.
Teachers: find a fun activity book on The Toad here!



Excellent review from The Quill and Quire

I am delighted with this review from my latest book, The Cranky Ballerina, from The quill and Quire. They compare me to Kate Beaton, Jon Klassen and Melanie Watt!! I think I'm going to explode with pride. 


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