Disgusting critters: the whole crew!


Here are all the books that I made so far in the Disgusting Critters series: The worm, The rat, The fly, Head lice, The rat, and The slug. My idea was to make fun science books for kids about gross bugs or animals. Have fun!

Two new disgusting critters in stores now!


Meet your two new “friends”, the spider and the head louse. Bon appétit!

Book giveaway for teachers

I’m giving away four of my Disgusting Critters series to one awesome teacher. Meet The Worm, The Fly, The Rat and The Slug, funny, fact-filled documentaries about weird or gross creatures.

To participate, follow this link.

My drawing journal

I just rediscovered the fun of doodling in a journal. Randomly, no rules, just pure fun! It feels like meditation and it helpsme reset my mind.

Christmas spider

Happy holidays to all! I wish you housefuls of people you love, warmth and hugs, some spiders but not too many, happy and healthy little monsters, time to relax, good news on your TV, good causes to support, good books to read and give, tummies full of food, silly jokes to share and some rest to restore your bodies and souls. I love you, guys. Hugs and kisses.

Here’s Arnie

A monster character I drew just for fun.

Elise Gravel’s monsters

My latest litter of monsters.