Mini Frida Kahlo: signed print


This limited edition print is now available at Sur ton mur !

Girls who kick butts:


More girls superheroes to come! Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie, Jane Goodall, Rosa Parks, Emma Watson, and more! Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments, or join my FB page to chat about this project or my work in general. The Mini Frida Kahlo print will soon be available for purchase HERE.

Mini Frida Kahlo


Girls who kick butts: here’s one of my favorites. Which mini-girl hero should I draw next?

Hand-painted Vans shoes

I used brand-new canvas  shoes for this, and the fabric was pretty smooth and not too porous. I practiced first on my daughter’s old Converse shoes to make sure the paint would be opaque enough and would hold without cracking.
I first used a white acrylic paint base wherever I wanted to use light colors to make them more opaque. I then used Posca pens and Stained Sharpie fabric markers on top of the white paint. Then, I let it dry thoroughly, and covered everything with Krylon matte spray varnish, so the design is waterproof, but the fabric is still flexible. You have to make sure the acrylic paint is not too thick to prevent it from cracking when dry.


For those who want more fun gender-neutral stuff for kids, take a look at this:

Just dogs.

I just realized that I never draw dogs.

Artsy boys and smelly girls: free e-book for kids


My free ebook for kids is now available! It’s called “Artsy boys and smelly girls”, and it’s about, well, artsy boys and smelly girls. You know, gender stereotypes. I made this book for fun and for free, so it’s pretty simple and straight to the point. You can use it in class or at home without asking for my permission. View it or download it here: