How to raise a child who is mindful of social justice?

Introducing social justice to kids without overwhelming and depressing them can seem like a tricky task, but it’s crucial in today’s world. We want to nurture a sense of empathy and fairness without burdening young minds with heavy narratives. How can we teach social justice in a way that’s engaging and uplifting, focusing on positivity and empowerment? How can we motivate kids to make positive change? Here are some key strategies:

1- Foster Open Conversations

Have ongoing age-appropriate discussions about issues like racism, sexism, poverty, and other forms of discrimination and inequality. Ask questions to understand their perspectives, share your own views, and encourage critical thinking.

2- Expose Them to Diversity

Befriend people from diverse backgrounds and expose your children to different cultures through books, movies, museums, etc. This helps build empathy and appreciation for others.

3- Lead by Example

Model inclusive behavior, speak up against injustice, and get involved in causes that promote equality and human rights. Children learn powerfully from observing their parents’ actions.

4- Teach Advocacy Skills

Empower your kids to use their voices by brainstorming ways they can make a difference, like writing letters, creating art, or joining youth organizations that address social issues.

5- Highlight Diverse Role Models

Introduce your children to people of different genders, races, abilities, etc. who are making positive impacts. This expands their perspectives on who can be a leader and catalyst for change.

6- Address Biases and Stereotypes

Help your children recognize their own unconscious biases and societal stereotypes. Provide counter-narratives that challenge limiting beliefs about different groups.

By taking a proactive approach through open dialogue, diverse experiences, and empowerment, parents can nurture children’s awareness of inequity and inspire them to be forces for a more just world.


Olga 2 – We’re out of here!


This book is now available in bookstores! I hope you’ll like it. Here’s the Kirkus review:

“In her second science-based adventure, inquisitive Olga relies on research to help determine what ails her beloved pet, Meh.

After discovering a new species—the Olgamus ridiculus—in her last adventure (Olga and the Smelly Thing from Nowhere, 2017), fact-loving and gently misanthropic Olga has decided to leave Earth with Meh, who she’s decided must come from another planet. The black-haired, pale-skinned girl gathers information about what they will need for their intergalactic journey by visiting her favorite punk-rock librarian, Ms. Swoop, amassing space facts from the internet, and learning about astronaut-appropriate fare. However, Olga soon notices that something is wrong with Meh when her companion’s usually gentle demeanor and appearance both change for the worse. Will Olga be able to find out what is wrong with her cherished Olgamus ridiculus so they can embark upon their cosmic journey? Question-loving Olga describes herself as “grouchy,” but this seems a bit unfair; Olga is a strong—and wholly likable—character who values research and fact (usually over human interaction) and is not afraid to speak her mind, whether she’s confronting the popular girls or a vainglorious veterinarian. With pleasing, pink-toned two-color illustrations in an appealing graphic-hybrid format with large, charming artwork, this should appeal to an audience who likes their protagonists to be bold, smart, and welcoming of a gross-out joke or two.

A well-wrought sophomore offering with a delightfully unconventional heroine.”

You can get the book in all bookstores!

You can find the Kirkus review HERE.