What’s a refugee?

I made this short comic to explain to kids what a refugee is.

Parents and teachers, feel free to print this for personal / classroom use only.
You’ll find a higher-res version HERE.

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Scientists don’t come from Mars


I made this poster to teach kids that scientists are normal, regular people, and that everybody can become a scientist. Not just math geniuses!

Scientists make mistakes, often need help from others, don’t know everything, and don’t always have the best grades at school.

Teachers, parents, you can download and print this cartoon for home or classroom uses (no commercial use allowed). You can also print Olga’s explanation on the scientific method here and buy the Olga books here.

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New free poster: boys have emotions too!

Here’s a new free poster I made to help boys accept that they can have emotions too, that it’s normal, and that it doesn’t make them weak. All humans have emotions and it’s perfectly fine to show them and talk about them!

Parents and teachers, if this is a message you’d like kids to get, feel free to print this for your home or classroom (no commercial use, please).

You can download and print it HERE.

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Girls can be

Here’s a little poster I made to counter gender stereotypes. Teachers and parents, feel free to print it for personal or school use (no commercial use, please). Click here to download a higher-res version.

There is now a BOYS version of this image! Also, if you’d like to further discuss gender stereotypes with your kids or students, take a look a this free e-book I made a while ago.

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